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Carolina Beauty

Cedar Waxwing


Purple Gallinule

Rose Breasted Grosbeak

Sulpher Crested Cockatoos

Under Watchful Eyes

Waiting for Spring

Wave Runner - Sanderling

Biding Time - SOLD

Great Blue Heron

In the Shallows

Florida Doves

Classic Great Egret

Feeding Spoonbills - SOLD

In Formation

Fall Pileated

Spring Redbelly - SOLD

Classic Pose II

Gliding Through

Marsh Hunter

Blue Heron Mist - SOLD


Red on Red - SOLD

Snow Birds - SOLD

King Fisher - SOLD

Great Egret II

Calm Waters - SOLD

A Fine Fellow Indeed - SOLD

She Has the Last Say - SOLD

Captured Light - SOLD

The Homebodies - SOLD

Great Egret

Bluebird and Apple Blossoms

Morning Perch

Bluebird and Creepers

Silent Stalker

Taking a Break

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